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Article: Little Black Rhodium

Little Black Rhodium

So much of the time, when picking jewelry, we are presented with two choices: silver, or gold. Now, there's nothing wrong with silver or gold. Both are beautiful, and both yield gorgeous jewelry. Sometimes, though, trying out something new can really take an outfit from interesting to truly unique. For those of you ready to take that step, we offer jewelry in black rhodium.

Not sure what that means? I'll spare you all the boring details, but here it is in a nutshell: rhodium, a silvery-white metal, can become black when plated over gold or silver. That's how we get terms like black gold or black silver--not to mention some really cool jewelry. It's the perfect alternative to the lighter tones of many accessories. Black rhodium will pop with lighter outfits, and lend new meaning to wearing all black for a dramatic evening look.

For elegant and classic pieces in this fascinating metal, check out our shop. Take a look at our black rhodium figaro chain, lovely peeking out behind the collar of a crisp white shirt. Or, if bracelets are more your speed, the square bracelet in black rhodium is very in-trend. Try more than one together, or even wear it with silver bangles--who says you can't mix metals? Either way, you're sure to catch somebody's eye.

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