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Article: Blinging in The Rain

Blinging in The Rain

When the weather gets rough, especially in summer, it can be easy to stay holed up inside, or to throw on a pair of sweats and a dark raincoat if forced to go out. But why not shake off those rainy day blues and accessorize with splashes of sunny color when the sky is gloomy? A hint of orange, yellow, or gold stands out when everyone else is dressed in black and gray. And if you aren't sure about wearing, say, a pumpkin-colored raincoat, jewelry is the perfect place to start.

A bright ring will make your hand pop around the handle of your umbrella. Our orange carnelian ring, in it's sun-like gold setting, is ideal for this look. Or, for a subtler option, try our garnet ring--it's smaller, but still packs a punch of color. Layer either with our 18K gold stackable ring for extra shine. Earrings are a great way to add sparkle to your look, too. Our 18K huggie earrings and our 18K pyramid earrings will both add a burst of gold to help you stand out from the crowd (and the clouds!). Browse through our store and collections for many more bright looks, and come up with your perfect new rainy day attire.

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