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Article: Hail a Cab(ochon)

Hail a Cab(ochon)

Gemstones in jewelry are undeniably beautiful. They add color, texture, and visual appeal. For many people, sparkling, faceted stones make the perfect accessory (and we do offer plenty of those on our site). However, what about those among us who prefer a subtler look? How can we incorporate gemstones into our style?

Enter the cabochon! Not sure what that means? Chances are, even if you aren't familiar with the term, you've seen cabochons before. A cabochon is basically a gemstone that has been polished smooth, rather than having facets cut into it. The stones are often cut in an ellipses, or oval shape. It's a good look for softer stones, or for stones that have a "star" inside, like some sapphires. Cabochons offer all the rich color, shine, and beauty of gemstones without the flash of facets. Even if you like some sparkle, they make a good alternative style. Jewelry made with cabochons lends a smooth and polished look to any outfit, perfect for an office setting or nice dinner, or for pumping up casual clothes--really, it will go with anything.

Ready to try some cabochons on? Check out a few pieces on our site to get started. Our blue topaz and rutilated quartz rings are both designed with some fantastic cabochons, as are our black onyx ring and orange carnelian ring. All these are available in our online store. For more options, browse through our ring and earring collections, and see what appeals to you!

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