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Article: Hoop-la!


If you have pierced ears, there's a good chance you've worn hoops at some point--maybe even big dangly ones as a teen. But have you considered that hoops might be able to fit into your current, more sophisticated style as well? This earring design is one of the classics, dating back centuries and appearing in cultures across the globe. In fact, a pair of Jade hoops found in China are thought to be the world's oldest earrings, maybe even 8200 years old. Hoop earring styles are timeless, elegant, and chic.

Still not sold? Picturing big, jangly circles? Don't worry--there are a variety of hoop styles that fit in with a more adult look. Check out the earrings section of our store for a number of examples. A good starting point is our small silver hoop earrings, which are simple and chic, but embellished with a pyramid pattern to make sure you still stand out from the crowd. We offer three sizes of hoop earrings (30mm, 45mm, and 60mm) in both 18k and sterling silver.

For a hoop-like look that stays closer to the lobe, try our aptly named 18K huggie earrings. The small, wide gold earrings also have a pyramid pattern, and make an elegant statement with an evening outfit. And finally, if you want something different, our 18K triple j earrings (also available in two-tone and sterling silver) fit the bill. The triple j earrings are made up of three thin "J" shapes joined together, each with a sparkling pyramid pattern. Still classic, but definitely eye-catching.

Hoops earrings go with every look--soon, you'll find yourself reaching for yours every day.

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