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Article: Chained Up (in a good way)

Chained Up (in a good way)

We've all seen big, bib-like statement necklaces--at this point, they are a dime a dozen, with their rows of oversized gems or enormous beads. For something originally meant to stand out, they no longer say anything unique. So why not head in the opposite direction and use simple chain necklaces to express your style?

Chain necklaces are classic, elegant, and, best of all, versatile. Do you like the dramatic look of bigger necklaces, but want to take the style in your own direction? Layer several chains together, and vary the sizes, composition, and ornamentation as much as you'd like. Do you take a more minimalistic approach when it comes to accessorizing? One simple chain paired with a sleek dress or an Oxford collar can add a whole new dimension to your outfit.

The necklace section here on the site can get you headed in the right direction. Our black rhodium figaro chain works for either style (and anything in between). At 22 inches long, this chic and sleek necklace looks fantastic alone, paired up (as shown in our picture), or piled on. Or, if you want to add some sparkle to your look, our lisere necklace will do the trick. This long, sterling silver necklace is accented with 18k gold and clear quartz. For a pedant approach, our sterling silver enhancer with black and white pave diamonds dangles from a delicate sterling chain. Mix and match them, wear one alone, and have fun with it!

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