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Article: Layer It Up

Layer It Up

Do you remember wearing friendship bracelets as a kid? Covering your arms in a rainbow of knotted bands, maybe making them as gifts? With friendship bracelets, the mentality was always "the more, the merrier." Now, I'm not suggesting that you return to the trend completely--embroidery floss accessories are probably best left to the under-12 crowd. But there's a valuable piece of inspiration you can take from friendship bracelet fashion, and that is the idea of layering.

Mixed bracelets are a popular look this summer, and there are infinite takes on the trend, from simple to wild. The most classic look would be several thin, round bangles--you'll find a varied selection on our bracelets page. Try pairing the set of 3 with our slightly wider sterling silver huggie bracelet. You can also mix and match shapes. Wearing a few square bangles along with round ones gives your style new dimension. Check out our square bangle, available in black rhodium or sterling silver, to get started. Of course, you don't have to limit your layering to bangles. A large cuff (or two!) mixed in with narrower bracelets make a runway-worthy statement. There are no rules with this carefree summer look!

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