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Article: The Clear Choice

The Clear Choice

Wardrobe feeling a little blah? Need a new accessory to pump things up a notch, something to give your chicest outfits that little extra touch of uniqueness? Look no further than our clear quartz earrings, a pair from the gilded cage collection. These glamorous dangling earrings will bring any of your going out looks for so so to oh so stylish.

Why are these the perfect earrings for you? Well, first of all, they will go with absolutely anything. The glittering quartz is clear, so there's no fear of clashing colors. Just put them on and enjoy the sparkle. The earrings are also made with both sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold, so you can pair them with jewelry of any metal you want (though they also make a nice statement piece all by themselves!). From a little black dresses to brightly colored jackets and scarves, these earrings will set your look on fire.

The design itself is utterly unique. The earrings hang from hooks with delicate sterling silver drops, much more striking that your typical french wire. This diamond shaped earring, with its center of shining clear quartz, instantly grabs attention. More sterling frames the quartz, highlighting its delicate beauty, and bold accents of yellow gold set the entire piece off. All these little details make a pair of earrings that initially seem simple into something captivating, singular, and dazzling.

Of course, if you just can't live without a pop of color, you can take a peek at our similarly shaped earrings in delicate green amethyst or icy blue topaz. But, if you need a staple piece as we enter the season of fall and winter holidays, the clear quartz earrings are the way to go (and, if a Halloween party is in your future, they'd make the perfect addition to a roaring twenties costume)!

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