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Article: It's Hip to Be Square

It's Hip to Be Square

Tired of the everyday? Need some variety from the typical round bracelet? Christine Carson has you covered. We know bangles don't have to be circles, and we've got the jewelry to back it up. So step out of your comfort zone, and get square!

Our square sterling silver bracelet is the perfect basic piece. Its unique shape has rounded edges to ensure that it is still comfortable on your wrist--no uncomfortable clunking around. Delicate, shining pyramids decorate the outer edge, ensuring that the bracelet will catch the light (and people's attention!) as you move through your day. This is a bracelet that moves from day to night, from errands to dance floor. Layer it with more traditional pieces, or pieces in other colors, for a fun, piled-on style.

For a darker look, try the complimentary square black rhodium bracelet. This piece has the same design, but with the deep glamour of black rhodium. It's perfect for an edgier look: get bold, and pair it with the same dark leather and velvet looks that have been flooding the fall runways. The black rhodium bracelet also pairs beautifully with an evening style. It makes a bright complement to a little black dress, or a dark accent to a lighter look.

Both of these bracelets lend themselves perfectly to layering. Not only can you mix colors, you can mix shapes too! (these are also available in a round shape for a more classic look or for a nice mix with the square bracelets) You can try pairing them with rounder bracelets, like our sterling silver huggie bracelet, or wider styles, like our small sterling silver cuff, our small sterling silver cuff with 18K gold, or, for extra sparkle, our sterling silver and diamond bracelet. Wear a couple for a simple pop, or an armful for a dynamic, textural look. However you choose to style your square bracelets, you are sure to stand out from the crowd!

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