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Article: The New Jewelry and Fashion Trend For 2014/2015

The New Jewelry and Fashion Trend For 2014/2015

The next hot jewelry trend for 2014/2015 is here. The latest trend in fashion and jewelry is the geometrical look. Geometric shapes, sharp lines, and patterned structures help to form a clean and bold look. With its sharp lines and pyramid patterned design surrounding the front edges, these 18k open rectangle earrings are a great example of this look.

We have many great examples of this style including our signature 18k pyramid earrings. The core of our look and brand, the pyramid is a powerful symbol and one of the most popular geometrical shapes in art, design, and fashion.

This is a trend that keeps reappearing every few years, and with good reason. The geometric look has a classic and yet futuristic feel that seems familiar and yet totally new and fresh at the same time. Drawing from architecture, mathematics, origami, and art, this geometric look is sure to last a while and to keep returning every few years to remind us of the shapes which make our world and form the base of our artistic expression.

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