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Article: Pavé Your Way

Pavé Your Way

What's pavé? I'll give you a hint: It's not something you do to worn-out roads. However, the word, pronounced pah-vay, does come from the french for "paved or cobbled," and it does connote a similar meaning. Pavé jewelry is jewelry that has been set with many tiny gemstones close together--almost like it's paved with them! Pavé set jewelry makes for a seriously eye-catching effect. With so many stones side by side, the gemstones catch the light and shine like crazy, as if the piece is completely coated in them. This kind of setting is especially popular with diamonds, because of their high sparkle factor.

Want to try it out? We have pavé pieces in a number of different styles, so you're bound to find one that's right for you. Our sterling silver pavé pyramid earrings, with 1.36 carats of diamonds set in sterling and accented with 18k gold, are sure to take your look up a notch. Or, if necklaces are more your speed, take a peek at our sterling silver enhancer with black and white pavé diamonds--with .22 carats of white diamonds and .56 carats of black diamonds, this is a truly unique piece. For more styles, look through our ringsnecklaces, and earrings, and see what strikes your fancy. There's a pavé style for every taste!

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