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Article: Don't Be a Square!

Don't Be a Square!

Everyone needs a pair of go-to earrings--those earrings that you can slip on when you realize you forgot jewelry as you are going out the door, the pair that looks as good with jeans and an oxford as they do with a chic cocktail dress. If you have not found your perfect match yet, our 18K open rectangle earrings might be just what you're looking for.

These delicate rectangular frames, beautifully worked in 18K gold, are the perfect "go with all" option. They are understated enough that you'll never look overdone for the daily grind, but their distinctive and elegant style is ready to help you dress to impress. Their striking pattern of raised pyramids makes a strong but subtle statement, adding that extra bit of movement and sparkle to your look. Though they are gold, their classic frame is simple enough that they will not clash with or overpower silver jewelry. But remember, simple does not have to mean boring--the rectangular shape will stand out against a sea of studs and hoops. There's really nothing you can't wear them with!

And best of all? These earrings will be your partners for life. An ageless design like theirs is much more than a passing trend. Though many fads will come and go, these earrings will stay in style. So don't go earring-less next time you are rushing out of the house--put these on, and let them become the timeless pair you see glinting from every family photo. Every women deserves to show off a little bit of signature style, and the 18K open rectangular earrings are the perfect way to find yours!

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